I call it Ambrosia

Isla [ay-la]

Welcome to my blog, will you care to join me to seek the great perhaps?

Heyhihello! I’ mNabi(s)la O. 15yrs young and Indonesian, but originally from District 9 3/4. I’m enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness, meaning I like stuff. I like tea and I love food. I like cats and will have 5 someday. I love music and artist that doesn’t give a damn about the money. I like chewing on my pens. I love watching disney movies or harry potter for hours and hours. I like apple: the fruit and company. I like writing in different colored markers. I love sharing silence with my loved ones. I adore the smell of peppermint. I love laughing at horrible jokes because they are that horrible. I love being the hopeless romantic that I am. I do believe in truth, beauty, freedom, and above all things I believe in love

I like a lot of things, but like every other person I have my own list of suck in the world. I hate the cold and the dark. I hate being cold in the dark. I hate roller coasters that turns me upside down. I hate running. Vegetables and fruits are awesome but tomatoes can seriously go to hell. I hate earthquakes. I hate it when people say LOL. If it’s funny, laugh. I hate being on my own, but I also sort of love being on my own. Really I do try to look at the bright side of things, but other times I’m just a cursing enthusiast grinch.

igers&tweet: (at)nabilafrhni